First blog post

This is probably going to be quite hard for me as I’ve never done a blog before. So here it goes, I’m starting this blog to air my views on life, what I’m doing, even introduce my life to all of you. Who, in turn may find what I say useful…… Or not depending on what you believe in. I’m open to suggestions from all of you, I respect that everyone is different, with a different perspective on life and how they want to live their lives.

For me its about giving people food for thought. Some of it maybe provocative, enticing, even downright weird at times. Sometimes I will evoke a reaction that will rattle your cage a bit, but I will always try to see your point of view as much as I hope you will see mine.

To me, life is all about balance, with everything that we take, we must also give back, a concept that most (not all) of us have forgotten or have become over indulgent in our strive to become richer. I’m not going to bang on about how the rich get richer and the poor become poorer, we already know this. We also know that the corporations run our governments and the banks hold them to ransom, letting corruption gain control of the people we voted into power.

All I ask, is for you to follow me, my thoughts and my life as I see it happening from my eyes. I won’t ask you to agree with me and I won’t ask you to change your mind, all I ask is that you lend me your ears and see with your own eyes, use your own feelings and know what you feel is right from wrong, without the influence of peer pressure or following a crowd. All I will do is put an idea out there, what you do with that idea, is entirely up to you.

I hope you enjoy my blog and put your own views and ideas forward too.


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